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Carbon Fiber Rods

Carbon Fiber Rods

At Composite Resources, we take pride in offering both standard and custom composite products for virtually every industrial sector. In addition, our in-house manufacturing, fabrication and assembly capabilities for standard and custom composite projects make Composite Resources your one-stop shop for all of your composite needs.

As part of our line of standard composite products, Composite Resources has developed the Black Project™ composite carbon fiber rod, available in standard and custom sizes, depending on your application. Compared to conventional structural metals (such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel), Black Project™ composite carbon fiber rod delivers excellent tensile strength characteristics, since it is produced using high strength carbon fibers that are embedded in a binding matrix composed of vinyl ester. Black Project™ composite rod is a solid pultruded carbon fiber rod that is perfect for use in miniature applications and tight spaces. Besides exhibiting outstanding strength, our composite carbon fiber rod is also durable, lightweight and extremely rigid.

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