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A simpler solution to 2D and 3D hinge alignment from FDB Panel Fittings

A simpler solution to 2D and 3D hinge alignment from FDB Panel Fittings

Product News Wednesday, July 12, 2023: FDB Panel Fittings

FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to present a new visible 2D adjustable hinge for nested doors from sales partner Dirak which is designed to save time and simplify correct alignment of larger doors in order to achieve correct aesthetics and optimum sealing. This new 2D hinge is a lightweight construction variant made of powder coated aluminium. It is based on the existing zinc die 3D hinge and offers ±2 mm adjustment capability in vertical and horizontal planes. Thanks to the properties of its fine-structure powder coat the hinge is also suitable for use outdoors.

At the design/development stages attention was paid to function and safety so that the slide adjustment provided in the frame mounting ensures not only durability, but also reliable and consistent opening and closing of the door or panel over time. Similarly, for security purposes the knurled pin is protected against being removed, thereby providing protection against vandalism.

Depending on requirements customers can choose a short version of this 2D hinge with 2 fastening points or a long version with 4 fastening points on the door mounting flap. A cover (for the long version only) is available as an accessory – also customer specific design options are available on request, for example inclusion of a company logo or instruction.

Further information on 2D adjustable hinges can be found at Information on FDB products and services may be found at: Find the latest information and news on the FDB blog –