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Mosaic Mimic Panels for Power

Mosaic Mimic Panels for Power

Product News Friday, August 30, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Mimic is well known for its Mosaic Mimic Panels. Each unit is completely custom built to specification, with outstanding craftmanship and wiring. These panels are still used across many industries, often in conjunction with monitoring screens as an additional security measure, displaying functional control instruments with emergency control switches.

Applications to Substations, Buildings, Power & Water Reticulation, Highway Management, Industrial Plants, Mining, Large or Small Manufacturing and Processing Factories.

  • Wide range of either Enclosures, Panels or tiled Mosaic Panels including an aluminium grid system. (Mosaic Panels are unlimited in size).
  • Anti-glare Mosaic tiles are 24 x 24mm, 24 x 48mm and 48 x 48mm in colours light grey and black.
  • Panels can include Bar Graphs, Digital Displays, Status LED's and Alarm Windows all driven by Modbus.
  • Graphic displays on tiles are plugged into a grid constructed from interlocking long and short sections.
  • Mosaic Tiles & Grid are made from Polycarbonate (Makrolon), a stable heat resistant material with matching expansion characteristics. 
  • All artwork symbols and line are completely engraved with the outlines filled in black and cannot be removed even with excessive cleaning.
  •  Wiremarking with Luminescence labels that ‘glow in the dark’ for use in large electrical panels.
  • Applications are best suited for layouts with infrequent changes.
  • Well established history of manufacturing and supply to new and existing customers in local market, African & Middle East.

For more information contact Mimic Components on +27(0)11-689-5700 or email