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Flame Proof Tower Lights & Explosion-Proof Sirens

Flame Proof Tower Lights & Explosion-Proof Sirens

Product News Friday, August 30, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Specification: Explosion Proof, multi-functional LED Light and
Electric Sounder Combination designed for use in explosive gas environments
with Ex d IIC rating.

3 x material housing models, QNES superior durability with Aluminium housing or QNES-SUS Stainless Steel housing with durable corrosion resistance (Arriving Later This Year) and QNES–BS excellent corrosion resistance with Brass housing (Arriving Later This Year).

Voltage: DC12V – 24V / Current: Max.1.872A
Sound Pattern/Volume: WS-5 110dB warning / WS-5 110dB special warning sound.
Voltage: AC110V – 230V / Current: Max.0.301A
Sound Pattern/Volume: WM-5 105dB melodies / WA-5 105dB alarms / WV-5 103dB custom voice.

Temperature range: -40°C ≤Tamb ≤+ 60°C / -40°C ≤Tamb ≤+ 45°C
Flashing rate (LF type): 60-80 flashes/min
Strobe rate (LS type): 70-80 flashes/min
Weight: 3.15kg
Colours: Red, Amber, Green, Blue.

Tower Lights Explosion Proof
Wall or Direct Mount
QTEX Ø80mm Standard Model Explosion Proof LED Tower Lights with Flame Proof Housing. Steady / Flashing. Sound Volume: Max 80dB at 1m.
QTEXB Ø80mm Built-in Siren Buzzer Type Explosion Proof LED Tower Lights with Flame Proof Housing. Explosion proof structure for buzzer model with flame arrester. Steady / Flashing. Sound Tone & Volume:
 Max 80dB at 1m Siren Buzzer.
Temperature range: -40°C ≤Tamb ≤+ 60°C. Protection Rating: Ex d IIC T6 Gb, IP66.



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