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Door Monitor & Alarm with ADDA Systems

Door Monitor & Alarm with ADDA Systems

Product News Tuesday, April 30, 2019: Mimic Components CC


Mimic has always been associated with MMI (man machine interface) systems. We offer a wide range of such systems and components covering most applications, including door-access security.

The Doorman Door Monitoring System is designed for use in medium security applications where the status regarding a substantial number of doors being opened and/or closed is required.

Applications: suited to hospitals, institutions, laboratories, medical centres, education centres, hotels, and corporate buildings where restricted areas are required..

The system consists of a MASTER card that “talks” to a possible 100 plus 8-way field I/O cards and an identical number of Mimic Drive Cards. The Mimic Drive cards can be wired direct to the required discrete free format LED Indicators & Push Buttons or wired via ribbon cables to preconfigured Matrix Board containing the required LED's and Push Buttons



*100's of Door Monitored Contacts via a Single Comms Line.

               * Indicates door, isolation status & alarm.

               * Suitable for unskilled operators.

               * Standard manual reset alarm annunciator sequence.

               * Uses normally open sensors (open on alarm).

               * 12 or 24volt DC Systems.

               * Individual door isolate.

               * Background Full Isolate (timer)Mode.


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