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Low Cost Lamp Test Card SASB-24B-N

Low Cost Lamp Test Card SASB-24B-N

Product News Tuesday, April 30, 2019: Mimic Components CC

This is an 8 way Alarm Card with Lamp Test and Subsequent Buzzer output (known as a SASB; Simple Alarm Subsequent Buzzer). It has been designed primarily as a driver for remote active repeat Mimics for fire Panels and other similar alarm systems where there is a Latched output. It provides an economical method of indicating alarms on a mimic panels, remote panels or alarm window display. One of its uses is as a remote repeat alarm panel where the panel can be silenced even if the control room system has not yet been acknowledged.


The LED’s do not flash, and fleeting alarms are not latched (when the signal goes, the LED goes out). It is much better than a simple diode steered alarm card in that it also indicates subsequent alarms by restarting the buzzer every time a new alarm arrives, even if existing alarms are still present. It incorporates lamp test, LED ballast resistors and a horn driver. It is available in 12V and 24V DC versions.

*Fire alarm & other alarm annunciator repeat-panels.
*Process controlled applications where operators need to be made aware of new events but a full alarm annunciator is not required.

*This unit combined with a standard Lamp test card will provide a low cost solution for Motor run/ Trip indication i.e.:  Use the Standard Lamp test card for the steady state RUN indications and the SASB Alarm card for the overload.
*Latched Trip circuits. 
*See also door monitoring modules, AEM4 modules.


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