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Mimic Aviation Launched on Facebook

Mimic Aviation Launched on Facebook

Product News Thursday, February 28, 2019: Mimic Components CC

The recent discovery of a significant amount of gas-condensate off the coast of Mossel Bay has erupted into euphoric expectations for South Africa as the numerous benefits continue to pile up. Is this the game changer we are relying on to reignite the zest for business. Can the knock-on effect reach multiple industries stimulating entrepreneurs in its course with blazing ideas and leaving a trail of success along the way?

We believe this is possible. The power of discovery is a liken to the golden key of opportunity; making the new possible, providing insights for improvements, taking root where its planted.

 In this, Mimic AeroLED has seen its lighting range expand to include aviation lights to airfields, helipads, heliports and helidecks.

The slow but steady growth of Mimic AeroLED has expanded to include helipad consultations and designs, the sale of ICAO approved aviation lighting and accessories, and when required, the installation of their lights and accessories. Portable Solar aviation lights have already proven to be an indispensable necessity in remote applications.

Mimic AeroLED has come a long way since its first aviation discovery and today, are excited to inform you of their newly launched Facebook Mimic AeroLED!  We invite you to browse through some of our more recent helipad projects such as the Kruger Park’s anti-poaching helipad, numerous hospital emergency helipads and other significant projects still under construction.

For those of you who have already given us the thumbs up, we appreciate your likes & shares and for newcomers, thanks for spending some time getting to know us! Take a look by clicking here

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