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Temperature Monitoring in the Food industry

Temperature Monitoring in the Food industry

Product News Wednesday, January 30, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Some cultures advocate that while eating, we should give thought to the effort taken to produce food; where it came from, how long it took to grow and how many people were involved in bringing it to the table. Indeed, the humble potato’s journey goes by unnoticed but if we were more aware of the miles it often travels, the technology used to produce it, we would be more appreciative of dinners, no matter how badly cooked.


The food industry has three main areas that require constant temperature. These areas are food processing (such as tinned or dried foods), cold storage (either between destinations or in supermarkets) and Cold Chain Transportation by sea, rail, road or air.


As delivery from off-the-farms to end users entails a vast collaborative system, each group has due diligence responsibility to ensure that the produce remain temperature controlled whilst in their care.


 With the aid of technology, this need not be complicated or expensive for smaller farmers and transporters. Here are three inexpensive ways to monitor food temperatures starting at the farm-fields:


Standalone Data Logging-Battery powered data loggers which you can start, stop and restart in the fields and download data to any PC via USB.


Remote Monitoring-Wireless dataloggers with secure Cloud based data storage that enables you to access real-time or historical data from any internet enabled device EasyLog Cloud.


Low Cost EL-PDF Cold Chain- comes with pre-programmed sample rates and alarms. Simply press a button and start logging. Available for Freezer, Fridge and Ripening environments. To download data, simply insert the logger into a PC USB port for an auto-generated PDF detailed summary of the logging session.


We offer larger operational companies the versatile Field Logger for technical temperature monitoring applications.


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