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LogBox Connect

LogBox Connect

Product News Monday, January 7, 2019: Mimic Components CC

New LogBox Connect family provides the wireless connectivity of new times and the compatibility with cloud data portals, like Novus Cloud. Wireless communication, large autonomy and inputs for any type of sensors are the big highlights of LogBox Connect. It has large display and removable bracket and connectors. The configuration and data download can be performed with mobile application LogChart BLE or notebook/desktop software Nxperience, used to access all LogBox Connect models via USB.


LogBox BLE (Bluetooth)

• Monitoring of inner facilities that allow a visual inspection of data loggers

• Configuration and data download via Bluetooth with smart phone using LogChart BLE app

• External power supply 10-30Vdc or 4 AA alkaline batteries

• Autonomy higher than 2 years with batteries (5 min acquisition interval)

  • Applications: Monitor & Record Laboratory environment, Cold rooms and Data centres


LogBox WiFi

Monitoring of larger facilities with WiFi existing infrastructure;

• Configuration and data download via USB or WiFi with NXperience PC software;

• External power supply 10-30Vdc (backup operation with 4 AA alkaline batteries);

• WiFi Data transmission to NXperience, NOVUS Cloud, SCADA or other cloud systems;

  • Applications: Monitor climate Distribution centres, Cold chain & Supermarket freezers & refrigeration


LogBox 3G

• Monitoring in mobile applications or distributes over long distances;

• Configuration and data download via USB with NXperience PC software;

• External power supply 10-30Vdc;

• Internal rechargeable backup battery for up to 8 hours autonomy;

• Data transmission via 3G cellular network to NOVUS Cloud, SCADA or other cloud systems

  • Applications: Monitor Telemetry Utility service, Goods in Transport and Agri Greenhouse Control



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