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Modular Multi-Function LED Tower Light

Modular Multi-Function LED Tower Light

Product News Wednesday, November 28, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Easy to Assemble

?50mm or ?70mm

Operating Temperature -25°C to + 45°C

Vibration resistance 10 – 2000Hz, 1mm, 15g

Degree of Protection IP65

Voltages 24VDC or 220VAC

15 Different buzzer tones


Mimic’s QT Tower Light series is a multifunctional product that allows for significant customization using special modular components such as the lens, buzzer, ethernet cord, USB cord and mounting brackets. Additional tools are not required for assembly.

All the modular components can be arranged freely to the desired position (upper/lower) except for the dial tone lever.

Buzzer module positions can be selected where users can reposition the module to the location they desire. The buzzer module is designed to be compatible with the light modules.

Select from various Led functions. The LED indicator can provide varying signals/actions by using different light modules: flashing, strobe and rotating.

Select from 15 different buzzer tones. There are 4 audible modules available which includes one buzzer type module and 3 alarm modules. Each alarm module comes with 5 sound patterns that can be selected for your specific application environment. The Buzzer module is customizable with two options-the 2-tone buzzer and high-volume buzzer.

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