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Mimic Components Security Products

Mimic Components Security Products

Product News Tuesday, October 2, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Mimic Components has played an integral part in the South African security industry for many years by way of designing and manufacturing several types of security related products applied mostly in commercial and industrial industries.

 We take a look at a Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturer & Warehouse Distributor to see what security products can be used and where.

Mimic Double-Door Security Booth Airlock Controller-This is a basic 2 door airlock controller by ADDA systems. It locks or unlocks the doors such that only one door is ever opened at a time, thus controlling access to restricted areas.

Mimic Control Consoles- Made for 24hour use in a security monitoring environment or reception area, for which the modular design allows for easy assembly/dis-assembly and the Aluminium frames for lightweight transportation.

Mimic Panels-Custom manufactured, unlimited in size, a precise visual-copy of perimeter grounds for locating security breach or as a plant’s electrical power layout with alert flashing lights and control switches.

Mimic Midi-Robot Controllers/ Traffic Lights – a traffic controller typically used at booms, in dispatch areas for docking bay access and to control transportation movements.

Mimic Walking/Standing Man Indication Plates and/or Illuminated Cross Arrow – indoor/outdoor usage, limited direction signage used on Double-Door Security Booth as inward/exit single direction. Used in conjunction with Midi-Robots/Traffic lights to control pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Large Cross Arrow used for change of traffic lane direction or Turnstile and to illuminate emergency entrance/exit access points.

Mimic Industrial Alarm Annunciators- usable in any area, indoor/outdoor or underground as a high alert audible warning system and as a security measure.

Mimic ADDA System Doorman -a security door- monitor to monitor a door being opened or closed with a built-in alarm signaling un-authorised access to restricted areas.


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