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ME435 Poly-phase Logging Power Meter & Kit

ME435 Poly-phase Logging Power Meter & Kit

Product News Tuesday, October 2, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Mimic Components has released ENERTEQ™ by Meatrol, a cost effective power logging meter kit ideal for anyone involved in solar or other alternative power installations.

ENERTEQ™ is a handheld 3-phase system up to 500 volts with up to 8 variables, that can be logged for 2 years (100 kB of data every 2 minutes). The readings comply with IEC 62053.

A big advantage is the use of Rogowski current sensors which are simply placed around cable cores without the need for disconnection. Current sensors are available from 100 amp up to 6000 amps.

The recorded data is measured and displays date & time, voltage (V), Frequency (Hz), PF (power factor), Active Power (W), Reactive Power (Var), Apparent Power (Va), Active Energy (Wh), Reactive Energy (Varh) and apparent Energy (Vah).  All readings are displayed on a 3.5 inch quality colour TFT screen.

The kit contains: 4 x voltage wires, 1 x power adaptor, 1 x 1GB DS card, a robust case, 3 x coils, 1 x power meter and 1 x USB-to-SD adaptor.

ENERTQ™ was one of the most popular products displayed at Mimic’s stand at the Electra Mining 2018 exhibition, as an ideal solution for power usage.

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