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Alarm Annunciator -ADDA A8P

Alarm Annunciator -ADDA A8P

Product News Friday, June 29, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Developed by MIMIC COMPONENTS, this alarm annunciator has been designed specifically for use with High Voltage Panels which normally operate with a battery supplied control voltage of 110V DC. The main distinguishing feature is ADDA's zero current consumption with no alarms, hence battery power is conserved and this in turn enables the unit to operate directly off 110V DC with very little heat.

ADDA units can be supplied in modular compact modules (96x96mm) either 4 ways or 8 ways, which can be added together to make up any reasonable quantity of alarm points. The standard unit is made for 110V DC, however 24V and 48V DC units are also available.

The system operates on a normally open contact which closes on fault. On receipt of a closing contact, the hooter sounds and the appropriate LED flashes. On acceptance, the hooter silences and the LED goes steady. In the Auto-Reset model the LED goes out when the fault clears. In the Manual Reset model, the LED stays on until the Reset button is pressed. In either case, fleeting alarms are latched until accepted.
Subsequent alarms are recognized, i.e. If there are alarms on the system, a new alarm will initiate a flashing LED and sound the hooter without affecting existing alarms.

The aim of the ADDA is to provide the market with a product that’s between the imported flag relays (which are expensive), and the industrial alarm annunciators.

It is a locally manufactured unit designed specifically for reliable and immune operation in H.T. switch gear panels.
Using conventional Industrial Alarm Annunciators for 110V DC is not satisfactory as they usually operate on 24V DC requiring an expensive and often unreliable DC to DC converter.


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