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Mimic’s Software Programs

Mimic’s Software Programs

Product News Wednesday, May 2, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Mimic Components supplies traditional software programs such as Ranger, WSCAD and FieldChart.

Our other software programs related to data loggers and automated measuring devices are downloadable for free after purchasing the instruments.


Which Ranger Do I Need? Talk a Mimic sales consultant today. We can assist you in finding the right Ranger product to handle your designs. As each user has their own individual requirements, we are always willing to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us. If you decide to start off with Ranger2 or Ranger2 XL, you can always upgrade to the next Ranger for the difference in price between the two (plus post and packing). All the Ranger designs are upwards compatible. For more information on the Ranger software, go to


WSCAD is an advanced computer aided design package for electronic and electrical design. This versatile electrical engineering cad package is ideal for all types of electrical engineering design, planning and project control involving electronics, electrical and commercial electric service design. WSCAD is modular structure, therefore you can start with a basic version and later, expand it to a higher version like Compact or Professional with more features. Drawings that have been made with the lower version are fully compatible with higher versions. The three software modules of WSCAD are built upon each other containing a tried and tested range of functions: Basic, Compact & Professional versions.

For more information on the WSCAD software click on


FieldChart for Windows® supports communication and management of data collected by FieldLogger and other devices from NOVUS, such as controllers and indicators. Easy to use and no previous training is required. It transfers data to the computer, plotting on-line and recording data. It features zoom, table view, charts overlap, printing and table data export to spreadsheets or text editors. When “online” it communicates with up to 8 FieldLogger units or 64 controllers or indicators, thus making it possible to monitor and plot up to 64 channels of analog variables. High and Low alarms can be assigned to each channel. The FieldChart software is found at

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