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Latham Filtration Technology (Pty) Ltd

Latham Filtration Technology Pty Ltd is recognized as a leader in the field of solid / liquid separation and pressure filtration systems. Environmental sustainability is one of our major concerns and through our 25 years of experience and constant innovation we are able to confidently supply product that is cost effective reliable and at the forefront of  our industry.

Latham Filtration Technology Pty Ltd are specialists operating at the forefront of today’s pressure filtration technology. Our filter presses achieve a more efficient level of solid/liquid separation than alternative methods. Our success is founded on world class standards of service and know-how: developing tailor-made systems which drive down costs for our customers and deliver clearer filtrates from more compact, easy-to-manage cakes. Since our foundation in 1995 we have established a position as world leaders in pressure filtration systems. Innovation is the key, responding to the demand for higher and higher levels of performance – often driven by environmental concerns. Our filter presses are available in manual or fully automatic form requiring no special skills to operate, our presses are reliable, easy to maintain, and engineered for continuous long life performance.

Over the past 20 years numerous features now standard on filter press production originated within the Latham organization. Innovation in design and function and the resultant cost benefit continues to be core to our differentiation in the market. 
Nowhere is this better illustrated than in our most recent copyrighted capability to deliver a fully automated unmanned, multi-plate discharge, filter press solution. 
Already installed and proven on site by Latham engineers, this ”unique” in today’s world of pressure filtration technology can be retrofitted to the majority of legacy estates. Delivering an almost continuous process, labour free functionality previously associated with centrifuge and belt press solutions coupled with the delivery of the clearer filtrates and more compact, easy to manage cakes inherent to filter press technologies - this approach realises substantial operational cost and production benefits.

Another example of Latham’s unique differentiation is illustrated in the provision of a self-diagnostic electrical fault monitoring facility as a standard aspect of all new Latham press fabrications and refurbishments.  Also available as a retro fit to legacy estates, this feature immediately flags the “point of failure” and as such greatly reduces the turnaround time in returning to full operational capability.

Complementing our UK based engineering design, production and refurbishment capabilities on presses and pumps, we also offer a comprehensive single source supply capability across an extensive inventory of consumables, from spares through to plates and filter cloths.

Without sacrificing quality we believe our prices, are amongst the most aggressive in the industry. 

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