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UV Radiometer

UV Radiometer

Hand-held and easy to use UV Radiometer for various applications

The recording of the strength of ultraviolet radiation and radiation is the task of the Konica Minolta UV radiometer. UV radiation is used in many areas of product development and production, such as food technology, agricultural technology, or in the production of semiconductors. UV radiation is even used in medicine and cosmetics; the best-known application may be the sun bed. UV radiometers capture this radiation and help with control as well in research and development.

Background knowledge

The strength of UV radiation is measured in W/m2(or μW/cm2) and is equivalent to the illumination strength in lux, which is measured with lux meters. It indicates how much UV radiation strikes a defined surface.
The radiation indicates the amount of UV radiation in J/m2(Joule per square meter) or mJ/cm2 that hits a surface over a specific time frame and is the radiant physical equivalent to exposure.

UM-10 Display unit

The UM-10 is a small, handy, modularly constructed instrument with a choice of three receptor heads to record UV radiation in the spectral area of 220 nm to 480 nm. Within this wide measurement range of 0.1 to 199,900 μW/cm2, the UM-10 switches the measurement range automatically and indicates readings on the large LCD. A digital (RS-232C) as well as an analogue output enables the measurement values to be exported to a PC and other instruments. Depending on the measurement task and/or the spectral area to be measured, an appropriate receptor head is chosen and attached to the basic UM-10 unit.

Receptor Head UM-250

The receptor head UM-250 captures "hard" UV radiation in the area of 220 nm - 300 nm with a centre of gravity wavelength of about 250 nm.

Receptor Head UM-360

The receptor head UM-360 captures "soft" UV radiation in the area of 310 nm -400 nm with a centre of gravity wavelength of about 365 nm.

Receptor Head UM-400

The receptor head UM-400 captures UV and blue radiation in the area of 360 nm - 480 nm with a centre of gravity wavelength of about 415 nm.

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