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Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Benchtop spectrophotometers are used to measure reflectance and transmittance. Transmittance readings are used to measure clear liquids and films.

CM-3600A Spectrophotometer

CM-3600A Spectrophotometer is a high-precision, high-reliability instruments that can handle a wide range of applications. Its ability to measurement subjects with ease makes it one of the most popular bench top spectrophotometer. The CM-3600A with its horizontal side-port format is a compact reliable workhorse that can measure the reflectance of a broad variety of subjects as well as the transmittance of transparent or translucent solids and liquids without taking up a lot of space on your desk or workbench.

CM-3630 Spectrophotometer

The CM-3630 Spectrophotometer is a highly advanced bench-top unit designed specifically for the paper and pulp industries. This is because of its ability to evaluate opacity, brightness, fluorescence, color, whiteness, and tint, measuring at 10nm over a full range of wavelengths (360nm – 740nm). Using d/0 geometry, the CM-3630 ensures adherence to ISO 2469 and 2470 standards, as well as JIS P8148, DIN 53145-1, and DIN 53142-2 standards to meet the needs of the user.

One of the most notable features of the CM-3630 is its Numerical UV Control. This feature makes calibration and adjustments to whiteness and tint a cinch because everything is done digitally. As opposed to the traditional filter method, the UV calibration process on the CM-3630 is now faster, more precise, and reliable.

In addition, the CM-3630 Spectrophotometer makes accurate measurements of optical brightening agents easy. There are several methods to adjust UV intensity in the instrument, allowing users to switch the light source between full power and soft flash mode. This capability prevents the triplet affect exhibited by some special optical brightening agents.

The CM-3630 Spectrophotometer is compatible with SpectraMagic NX, an easy-to-use and sophisticated software ideal for the quality control process. This software allows users to set a secondary and tertiary illuminant for a target, in addition to the primary target, for identifying color differences.

CM-3700A Spectrophotometer

The CM-3700A spectrophotometer is a bench-top unit which provides the highest level in accuracy and reliability. It features a large sphere, aperture masks, and a complete optical system which exceeds international standard requirements. This instrument emits a high power xenon flash when a measurement takes place to ensure the most accurate measurement is taken. Users are able to switch the size of the measurement area depending on the needs of their application and can choose from 25.4mm, 8mm, and 3x5mm. The CM-3700A’s sample holder features a long arm to enable measuring the center of an A4-sized sample, and a damper to provide a “slow-close” effect that prevents the sample holder from slamming shut and possibly damaging the measurement sample.

The CM-3700A easily measures reflective colors with the ability to switch between SCI and SCE. Florescent colors can also be easily determined with the instrument’s UV cut filters which allow 1,000-step adjustment of UV light, providing ideal measurement of paper, pulp, and other materials containing florescent materials. Also, diffused lighting allows transparent colors to be effectively measured. These unique features allow a wide range of applications to be measured including plastics, textiles, dyed items, kiln-fired materials, food, liquids, and others. The CM-3700A can be controlled by a PC via a USB cord providing faster communication and easier connection. It is compatible with Windows programs, making data control and editing easy.

This instrument is compatible with SpectraMagic NX software which is easy-to-use and displays multiple views of data results which can be edited. Target data of the primary target can be associated to two or more secondary targets, allowing for sophisticated QC applications, such as checking for color difference.

Users can drag-and-drop information into the software for easy interpretation after printing. A variety of graphs can be used to display information, preconfigured templates are available, and a status window is available to show instrument information at a glance. Data compiled with older software is compatible and can be transferred to the newest updated software. If Excel is needed to show data, the information can also be easily exported. A Navigation Function and Color Tutorial are included with the software for additional information.

CM-5 Spectrophotometer

The CM-5 bench-top spectrophotometer is a stand-alone, top-port color measuring instrument with a large LCD screen and onboard software; no need for a separate computer. The screen displays color plots and numerical and graphical data. This unit includes an Operation Wizard which option which guides the user through the measurement process. Automatic Calibration can be selected for calibration to be performed each time the unit is turned on. The unit can measure both reflectance and transmittance and the user can designate PASS/FAIL tolerances for each measurement.

The CM-5 and its accessories can handle measuring samples in many forms such as solids, pellets, powders, gelatins, pastes, and opaque, translucent, and transparent liquids. For the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the CM-5 has the ability to take measurements according to several standard indices: Gardner, Hazen/APHA, Iodine Color Number, European Pharmacopoeia, and US Pharmacopeia. For multiple-user situations, the CM-5 can store and later recall settings using USB memory sticks, and data can also be stored on USB memory sticks for later analysis on a computer. The CM-5 can be connected to a PC with color software for more advanced analysis of data.

LCS-III Spectrophotometer

The LCS-III spectrophotometer accurately measures the color of liquids that are meant to be clear. It more reliably determines the color of the liquid than visual evaluation. Its 22 integrated color scales, including Gardner, APHA or Hazen, ASTM D1500, and Pharmacopoeia, allows the instrument to measure a wide range of applications. Applications include beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, petroleum, and water.

The instrument features a color touch screen which displays clear instructions and spectral graphs of color measurement results. The instrument can archive 100 password protected user profiles with individual configurations making it ideal for multiple users since it.

LCS-III is measurements can be evaluated in all scales, even after the measurement has been archived. This instrument also automatically reminds users when calibration, service, or test filters are needed. The system stores up to 500 measured values and 50 color value references and each measurement only takes 7 seconds.

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