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Helukabel SA (Pty) Ltd

Industrial Cables & Wires

Industrial Cable, Industrial Wire And Cable, Industrial Wires, Industrial Electric Wire

Industrial Cables & Industrial Wires

Our extensive range of industrial wiresindustrial cables includes products such as control cables, data and computer cables, drag chain cables, motor, servo & feedback cables, all-weather and rubber cables, and single cores, as well as internationally approved cables.

Flexible Control Cables

PVC Control Cables
PUR Control Cables
Halogen-free Control Cables
PVC Control Cables for Intrinsically Safe Circuits
Bio-Oil and Microbial Resistant Cables
Data and Computer Cables
PVC Data Cables
Special PVC Data Cables
Special Data Transmission Cables
PE-insulated Data Cables
Special PVC Connecting Cables
PVC/PUR Control Cables
Industry-Electronic Cables
Halogen-Free Data Transmission Cables
Cables for Drag Chains
PVC Drag Chain Cables
PUR Drag Chain Cables
Bio-Oil and Microbial Resistant Drag Chain Cables
Motor, Servo & Feedback Cables
PVC & PUR Motor Power Supply Cables
Servo Cable
Feedback Cable
Drag Chain Feedback Cables
EMC Motor Power Cables
Heat-resistant Cables
Silicone multi-core cables, with steel braiding 
or screened up to +180 °C
Control and connecting cable, cross-linked up to +145 °C
Special core insulation for high temperatures up to +400 °C
Allweather and Rubber Cables
Rubber Cables
Drum Cables
Elevator Control Cables
Trailing Cables
Trailing Cables
PUR Trailing and Control Cables
Special Crane Drum Cables
Medium-Voltage Power Cable
Robot Cables
Roboflex Recycle
Special TPE-E/PUR Robot Cables
Halogen-Free Robot Cables
Sewer Robot Cables
Water resistant Cables
Submersible-Pump Cables
Waterproof Rubber-Sheathed Cables
Flat and Ribbon Cables
Special PVC Flat Cable
Special Neoprene Flat Cable
Round, Special Flat Ribbon Cable
Single Conductors
PVC Single Cores
PUR Single Cores
Rubber Insulated Single Cores
Flexible and Heat-Resistant Single Cores
Special Silicon Single Cores
Compensating Cables
PVC, silicone and other special insulations for specific applications
Coaxial Cables
RG-Coaxial Cables
SAT-Coaxial Cables
Multimedia-Coaxial Cables
Cables according to international Apporvals
UL/CSA Control Cables
UL/CSA Data Cables
UL/CSA Heat-Resistent Cables
UL/CSA Rubber Cables
UL/CSA Cables for Drag Chains
UL/CSA Single Conductors
UL/CSA Servo, Feedback & Motor Cables
British Standard Cables
Sensor, Actuator and Distributor Cables
PVC, PUR, PVC/PUR Two-Approval Cables
Halogen-Free Drag Chain Cables
Airport Cables 400 Hz
400 Hz Airport Cables
400 Hz Trailing Cables for Airports
Truck Cables
PVC, Low-Voltage Cables
PUR, Low-Voltage Cables
Flat Battery Cables

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