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Programmable DC Electronic Load

Programmable DC Electronic Load

Product News Monday, December 12, 2005: Metrix Electronics Ltd

NEW 300W Programmable DC Electronic Load

The new BK-8500 is a competitively priced programmable electronic DC load, which can operate in constant voltage, current, power or resistance modes. They are fully programmable, via their RS 232 or optional USB interface, enabling a power supply to be tested automatically under various load conditions.

Featuring a high degree of accuracy and display resolutions of 0.1mA/1mV, they are designed for DC power supply and DC-DC converter testing and calibration up to 300W (0-120V, 1mA-30A). In use, the BK-8500 simulates the loading on the supply circuit under different conditions. Multiple units can be connected together in parallel or series for increased power rating.

BK-8500 units are protected against over-current, over-voltage, over-power and over-temperature situations.

Matching bench power supplies, multimeters and signal sources are available from Metrix Electronics Ltd.