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Sodium Hypochlorite Pump Package

Sodium Hypochlorite Pump Package

Product News Friday, September 23, 2005: Tuthill Pump Group

Simply the best…………for a difficult job


Chemical metering pump technology proven effective for treating water & wastewater with sodium hypochlorite.

CHICAGO – June 30, 2005 – Tuthill Pump Group, based in Alsip, IL, announces its new pump package for sodium hypochlorite treatment of water and wastewater. This innovatively designed pump package overcomes several of the weaknesses found in piston and diaphragm pumps: pulsating flow, vapor locking and frequent and lengthy repair cycles.

Reliability: no more vapor locking These magnetically coupled positive displacement external gear pumps were designed with accuracy in mind. The pumps have only two moving parts and are available in 316 stainless steel, hastelloy or titanium. The metering benefits include speed regulated flow control and utilization of standard motors and controllers. The flow through design does not trap gasses associated with vapor locking and therefore eliminates discrepancies in accuracy or pump shut down.

Unprecedented life expectancy and low maintenance Ease of installation, operation and maintenance are built into this package. Magnetically coupled gear pumps provide unprecedented life expectancy, up to 20,000 hours, virtually eliminating downtime. The compact design facilitates quick and easy repairs and opens up valuable floor space. Additionally, this competitively priced pump package technology offers the end user the fiscal budget benefit in the significant reduction in the facility’s chemical consumption.

For more information on these pump packages and all other pumps manufactured by Tuthill Pump Group, contact your local distributor or Tuthill Customer Service at (925-676-8000).

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