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PLC and Other Control Systems

PLC and Other Control Systems

Product News Monday, October 15, 2012: PDF Electric & Supply

PLCs are well-designed and adapted to perform a range of automation tasks. These are typically employed in industrial manufacturing processes where the cost of creating and supporting the automation system is high as compared to the total cost of the automation. Changes and amendments are expected during its operational life. The input and output devices of PLCs are compatible with industrial pilot controls and devices. The designing aspect focuses on expressing the preferred series of operations. As these PLC applications are characteristically highly customized systems so the cost of a packaged PLC is much low in comparison to the cost of a specific customized controller design. But on the other hand, where mass-production of goods is involved, customized control systems tend to be more economic, due to the lower cost of the components. GE Fanuc PLC Suppliers are one of the most reputed in this arena.

Different techniques are used for bigger volumes or very simple set automation tasks. For instance, a consumer dishwasher could be controlled with only an electromechanical cam timer that will cost only a couple of dollars. But where the production of hundreds or thousands of units is involved, a microcontroller-based design would be more suitable. A good example is automotive applications, where millions of units are produced each year but very few end-users modify the programming of these controllers. GE Fanuc PLC is known for its top quality, repair and services.

However, the very complex process control, like those used in the chemical industry, may require complex algorithms beyond the means of even high-performance PLCs. These high-speed, precision controls may also necessitate customized solutions; for instance, aircraft flight controls. In these cases, single-board computers that use fully proprietary or semi-customized hardware may be selected for the very specialized and challenging control applications where the costs for the high development and maintenance can be supported. GE Fanuc PLC Supplier meets all the challenges of the growing and evolving economy with confidence.

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