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FDB Electrical Ltd

Unit 20 Worton Hall Industrial Estate
Worton Road
Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6ER
United Kingdom

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FDB Electrical protection devices support enhanced building program

FDB Electrical protection devices support enhanced building program

Company News Friday, October 8, 2021: FDB Electrical Ltd

With the UKs building project gathering pace once again, the FDB Online store is pleased to announce a high-quality range of enclosed electrical protection devices, alongside a wide range of panel mounting components for the installation of customised industrial systems. These protective devices are typically used on industrial/commercial sites, utilities, health and welfare facilities, military and civilian airfields and similar. Rail approved equipment is available with DC immune characteristics.

Fully enclosed protection equipment from FDB Electrical includes the FDB 2 modular multi way RCBO, the FDB 11 and the FDB 13 series general purpose RCD with overload and short circuit protection, with the Home Office FDB21 "Interruptible" RCD/MCB and the FDB27 unit for Protection of Ground Support Equipment - a range of earth leakage/earth monitoring devices for protection of personnel and plant in RAF/RNAS hangars.

Specialist components are also available ex-stock for incorporation into custom protection systems enabling panel builders to choose from a selection of remote core transformers, universal earth leakage protection relays, multi-function RCDs and earth fault monitors.

Further information on electrical protection devices available from FDB Electrical can be found here. Information on FDB products and services may be found at: Find the latest information and news on the FDB blog –