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Enhanced Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera

Enhanced Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera

Product News Thursday, January 30, 2020: Specialised Imaging Ltd.

An enhanced version of the Kirana Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera has been introduced by Specialised imaging. The new Kirana07M enables researchers to capture up to 180 consecutive high resolution images at frame rates of up to 7 million frames per second and exposure times as low as 50 nanoseconds. The Kirana07M is a response to the ultra-high-speed camera market’s need for higher specification cameras. The Kirana07M represents the ultimate high-speed video camera combining the triggering flexibility of high-speed video cameras with greater resolution at megahertz capture speeds. As with all versions of the KIRANA camera, the full 924 x 768-pixel resolution is maintained at all frame rates, enabling it to uniquely acheive high spatial and temporal resolution. The compact Kirana07M camera includes comprehensive triggering facilities, highly accurate timing control, output signals for synchronisation with various illumination sources. All camera functions are controlled using an intuative software package. Full remote operation using Ethernet connectivity enables the Kirana07M to be easily integrated into almost any environment. The Kirana07M offers high performance, ease-of-use and operational flexibility to deliver impressive slow-motion video images for just about any scientific research application. The enhanced capabilities of the Kirana07M are available from January 2020.  For further information on the Kirana07M Ultra-High-Speed video camera please visit or contact Specialised Imaging on +44-1442-827728 (UK) / +1-951-296-6406 (USA) / +49-8141-666-8950 (Germany) / +86-1068-651-769 (China) / Specialised Imaging is a knowledgeable, dynamic company focused upon design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra high-speed imaging systems and components for industrial, defence and scientific applications.  The company's continuing policy is to invest in the development of innovative imaging solutions, incorporate the latest technological advances and use improved components wherever possible. A total commitment to quality and a thorough understanding of applications are held as the keys  to the future.
Image:  Kirana07M ultra high-speed video camera
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