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New -Enclosures for CCTV Cameras

New -Enclosures for CCTV Cameras

Product News Monday, October 28, 2019: Mimic Components CC

*(Cameras are NOT sold with the enclosures)

There is a new CCTV camera enclosure design for easy installation. This new advancement improves both mounting and connection setup for the installer.

Designed and made in South Africa the CCTV camera addresses unique related challenges.

  • A small mounting bracket is installed with two screws.
  • The camera is mounted to the adjoining part and then the entire assembly is mounted to the bracket with one screw.
  • The open connection housing on the side allows for cabling and also for testing with the camera in place.
  • A major benefit is that a test harness can be used to align the camera as the leads remain accessible.
  • Camera Nest is made from GRP material. The resin based ­fiberglass material is long lasting in direct exposure and should last multiple generations of camera replacements.
  • Enclosure IP66 means dust and water is kept out and that the unit is uncompromised by the mounting crews.
  • Enclosure mounts most camera types with a foot size of up to D 90mm.
  • Easy to install.
  • Recommended Torque for Lid & Mounting Bracket Screws: 1.5Nm – 2.5Nm

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