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Mimic’s Printing Service with Grafoplast

Mimic’s Printing Service with Grafoplast

Service News Tuesday, October 1, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Mimic Grafoplast Printing Service

Mimic Components still offer our customers a printing service on all Grafoplast product. We print on our EvoMax2 Grafoplast Machine with your Grafoplast consumables.


Printing Cost

The customer pays upfront for the Grafoplast consumables purchased at Mimic Components plus a printing fee based on the print run. The unused consumables are returned to you together with your printing.


Lead time

Lead Times are dependent on quantity print runs but usually take less than a day to print. Customers can wait while we print or collect prints later in the same day.


Multiple Print Runs

Mimic does not charge the customer again if they come back with the same consumable box from a previous run. These prints are done at no further cost to them. If a new print run necessitates the customer purchasing another box of labels/tags, Mimic then prints from the remainder of the original consumable box for free and only charges for the purchase of a new consumable box plus printing done from the new consumable box. 


Printing Discounts

No discounts are offered on Mimic’s printing service as this is already costly. The service is provided to our customers for their benefit and convenience.


Consumable discounts (No printing)

If we supply customers only with consumables (no printing) they will get a variable discount based on their  historic orders (and supplied printer).

Why not print the new Grafoplast Luminescence labels & tags today!


 For more information call Mimic Components on 011-689-5700 or email

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