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Press Release - Trenchless Technology Masterclass

Press Release - Trenchless Technology Masterclass

Thursday, 10 September, 2009

“Horizontal Directional Drilling, Micro Tunnelling, Pipe Ramming, Pipe Bursting, Pipe Rehabilitation”

Salvo Global announced today that it is organizing a public workshop on Trenchless Technology. The heart of this discussion will allow the participant to learn about the various applications of trenchless techniques whilst addressing the challenges particular to the African and Middle Eastern markets; assess how trenchless technology can help achieve project constraints and relieve community and legislative pressures; understand how trenchless technology can provide a faster, more accurate and safer alternative to traditional methods; mitigate the risks and costs involved in using trenchless techniques.

This workshop will be attended by contractors, clients and consultants from Water, Wastewater, Oil, Gas, Power, Mining, Sewage, Chemical and Telecommunications Industries who may be responsible for projects involving the planning, design, maintenance and installation of pipes and cables. The two day workshop will be held on 19 and 20 of October 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn about the various trenchless technology techniques for new installations, rehabilitation and renewal.

More information on the programme can be found at

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