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AGF Autonomous Gravity Sand Filter

AGF Autonomous Gravity Sand Filter


Our AGF Autonomous Gravity Sand Filter is a mechanical rapid gravity sand filter. It is a polishing filter used for the removal of fine suspended solids from water. It requires no external control system or electrical supply and the backwash cycle initiation occurs autonomously and is driven entirely by built-in hydraulic design features. Operator intervention is limited to periodic maintenance inspections.



The AGF is commonly installed as polishing filters to remove unsettled flocculant and other suspended solids. Its applications include the following:

  1. Polishing filter on potable water treatment plants where mixing, flocculation and sedimentation stages typically precede the AGF installation
  2. Removal of precipitate in iron and manganese removal processes.
  3. Side-stream filters on cooling systems


AGFs are used extensively in industries where polishing of process water is required. These include:


How it Works


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The AGF is designed to operate autonomously for extended periods of time, minimizing maintenance and operational costs.

The AGF’s only requirement is that the water supply:

  1. must be regulated so as not to exceed the prescribed flow rate
  2. must be supplied at the prescribed head

The head can be achieved through gravity or low-lift pumps. Once the above two requirements are met no further energy input, control or interventions are required.




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