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Density Measurement

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Our Gamma-Dense® Density Gauge operates on the principle of gamma ray absorption.
A source of gamma rays and a gamma detector bolt to opposite sides of the process pipe. The absorption of gammas is (non-linearly) proportional to mass. The number of gammas arriving at the detector is therefore inversely proportional to the mass of material between the source and the detector. Since the volume inside the pipe (measured volume) is fixed, this measurement may be calibrated to yield mass per unit volume or Density. The measurement requires linearising and other conditioning which is performed by the Density Transmitter.
This non-contacting measurement technique makes for an extremely simple installation and requires very little maintenance. The measurement is performed in real time allowing for fast and efficient Density Control where required.
Being non-invasive, the measurement is unaffected by Process, Pressure, Temperature, Viscosity, Refractive characteristics etc., and does not suffer the wear and corrosion associated with invasive type measurements. This results in reduced maintenance and improved reliability of the measurement.
The Transmitter electronics also processes the detector signal into a useable format to indicate Density (SGU, % Solids, Brix etc).
Accuracy is typically 0,5% of measurment span.
This measured information is available as:
  • Local display.
  • 4-20 mA output.
  • Field bus serial connectivity.

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