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GE Rx7i PacSystem

GE Rx7i PacSystem

The GE Fanuc Rx7i PLC system was designed to replace the GE Series 90-70 PLC system. It utilizes most of the 90-70 I/O as well as offers more advanced new I/0. The backplane still uses the VME standard backplane for third party interfaces. It very easy to upgrade or retrofit from the older PLC to the Rx7i. We offer a free conversion of your Series 90-70 ladder logic program with purchase of the GE Rx7i Pacsystem.

IC698ACC701 RX7i CPU Lithium Battery and Spare Door C698ACC7 C698ACC70
IC698ACC720 Shielded double slot faceplate, package of six. IC698ACC7 IC698ACC72
IC698ACC735 Shielded single slot faceplate, package of six. IC698ACC7 IC698ACC73
IC698CHS009 RX7i 9 Slot Rear Mount Rack IC698CHS0 IC698CHS00
IC698CHS017 RX7i 17 Slot Rack Wall (Rear) Mount IC698CHS0 IC698CHS01
IC698CHS109 RX7i 9 Slot Rack Front Mount IC698CHS1 IC698CHS10
IC698CHS117 RX7i 17Slot Rack Front Mount IC698CHS1 IC698CHS11
IC698CHS217 RX7i 17 Slot Rack Rear I/O Mount IC698CHS2 IC698CHS21
IC698CMX016 PACSystems RX7i Control Memory Xchange 16MB Memory IC698CMX0 IC698CMX01
IC698CPE010 RX7i 300mhz CPU with Ethernet 10/100 IC698CPE0 IC698CPE01
IC698CPE020 RX7i 700mhz CPU with Ethernet 10/100 IC698CPE0 IC698CPE02
IC698CPE030 RX7i Pentium M CPU - 600mHz with 64 meg of user memory. IC698CPE0 IC698CPE03
IC698CPE040 RX7i Pentium M CPU - 1.8Ghz with 64 meg of user memory. IC698CPE0 IC698CPE04
IC698CRE020 PACSystems RX7i High Availability 700mHz CPU IC698CRE0 IC698CRE02
IC698CRE030 600mHz CPU, Ethernet, Redundancy IC698CRE0 IC698CRE03
IC698CRE040 1.8GHz CPU, Ethernet, Redundancy IC698CRE0 IC698CRE04
IC698ETM001 RX7i Standalone Ethernet Module 10/100 IC698ETM0 IC698ETM00
IC698PSA100 RX7i Power Supply 100Watt 85-264VAC IC698PSA1 IC698PSA10
IC698PSA350 RX7i Power Supply 350Watt 85-264VAC IC698PSA3 IC698PSA35
IC698PSD300 RX7i Power Supply 300Watt 24VDC IC698PSD3 IC698PSD30


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