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INVT GD350 High Performance Inverter

INVT GD350 High-performance Inverter

INVT GD350 High Performance Inverter

1. Supports SVC and VC(Closed loop) control for both asynchronous and synchronous motors.
2. Enables high precision of speed, position, torque control and fast speed response.
3. Supports optional PLC cards with CODESYS programming function.
4. Supports optional Field bus communication cards, including PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, and EtherCAT, etc.
5. Supports optional PG cards for encoders like incremental, absolute value, Sin-Cos, and rotary transformer.
6. Accepts plug-in of three expansion cards simultaneously (only two cards below 4kW).
7. Integrates safety function-STO(Safe Torque OFF, SIL2)
8. Unique I/F control and online transition with other control modes, very suitable for the situation where the asynchronous motor      has low speed with high torque and the speed accuracy is not high.
9. Provides standard USB2.0(A type) ports to download firmware, and intuitive LCD keyboard with maximum 16 lines text display      as well as graphical display, Wizard Mode to set parameters while powered on.
10. Supports optional Bluetooth card and WiFi card to realize wireless communication.

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