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High Performance Pleated Coalescers And Separators

Hydrocarbon CoalescersChemflo's high peformance polyester media Hydrocarbon Coalescers are designed to remove water from hydrocarbons.

Bag Filter Housings And Wide Range Of Filter Bags (Ecoline)

Bag Filter HousingsEaton’s Bag Filter Housings and Filter Bags are used by industries around the world and are manufactured worldwide to global standards.

High Performance Pleated Filter Cartrdige Filters

Single Cartridge Filter HousingsTOPCART single cartridge filter housing (TKF) are made of high quality SS 316. The housing have a head and sump.

Self Cleaning and Back Washing Filters

Self Cleaning And Back Washing FiltersThe innovative Ronningen-Petter AFR-Series delivers high-flow filtration of water-like liquids at retentions as low as 1 micron - in a compact one-square-meter footprint.

Green Solutions for Water & Waste

Green Solutions for Water & WasteWith 30 years of experience in liquid  ltration, Filcon Filters are one of the leading contaminant removal specialists in Southern Africa.

Sanitary Housings

Sanitary HousingsIn the late 1990’s Eaton launched a range of new, high performance “Premium” filter bags. Absolute filter elements, e.g. PROGAF™ with 99.9% efficiency at 1 ?m, 95% at 0.15 ?m have redefined the suitability of filter bags for applications previously only possible with expensive Cartridges e.g. Membrane protection or Activated Carbon removal.

Custom Designed Filter Housings

Custom Designed Filter Housings, Filter HousingEaton Filtration bag filter housing are designed to accommodate a wide range of possible standard modifications.

SIDELINE™ Filter Housings

SIDELINE™ Filter Housings, Filter HousingsA SIDELINE housing from Eaton Filtration is a solid, investment-cast filter in the medium cost range.

POLYLINE™ Filter Housings

POLYLINE™ Filter HousingsPOLYLINE filter housings have no metal components to rust or corrode. The glass fiber reinforced polypropylene withstands relatively high pressure/temperature combinations. Available for filter bag sizes 01 and 02. Severely aggressive liquids can be filtered by a PVDF version, size 02 only.

ECOLINE™ Filter Housings

ECOLINE™ Filter Housings, Filter HousingsAn ECOLINE housing from Eaton Filtration is the entry model to the range. It is a light-weight design for commercial, OEM, non-hazardous, low pressure applications that do not require a Code Stamp.
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