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Rothco (Pty) Ltd.

High Speed Spindles & Motors

High Speed Spindles & Motors

PV Spintec's spindles and motors are developed to handle the toughest demands. Our spindles are available in different models and designs, covering a wide range of effect. The spindles can be delivered with air pressure cooling, oil mist lubrication and for the larger models, water cooling.

Our high frequency spindles allows you to innovate and adapt your machinery to modern tools that requires high speed rpm. The spindles can easily be clamped into the machines you already have. Together with our converters we can make the spindles run according to your specific needs.

The use of lightweight materials is constantly increasing, and both materials and processing methods develops at a rapid pace. The details become more complicated and much of the processes is converted to robots and automated cells.

SPV Spintec now presents in cooperation with RSP (Robot System Products) a unique system which provides accurate and solid robot processing with simple and fast exchange of e.g spindle etc.

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