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Telescopic Loading Spouts

Telescopic loading spouts are generally used for dust free, gravity feeding of product from a storage silo into bulk a road tanker. Essentially a loading spout consists of a fixed filling head which is fitted to the discharge valve of a silo. A retractable filling head is fitted to this which can be lowered onto the road tanker for filling of product and then retracted once the loading process is complete. Bulk Technik supplies both manually and automated loading spots.
The manually operated loading spouts essentially have a light weight filling head which is manually lowered onto the tanker’s manhole. A flexible sleeve provides the vertical travel as well as some horizontal movement for easy positioning onto the filling hatch of the road tanker. The incorporated vent nozzle allows the dust laden air to be vented back into the silo. This basic type of loading spout does not have any level detection and is thus best suited for use with a silo that is placed on load cells or when the tanker is placed on a weigh bridge beneath the storage silo.
The automated loading spout allows the operator to raise and lower the filling head with a maximum travel of 1300 mm from its fully retracted to its lowest position. This loading spout is complete with an electric brake geared motor that prevents accidental unwinding of the filling head. Limit switches sense when the filling head has reached its fully retraced or extended positions and automatically stop the motor.
The loading head incorporates a level switch that has a protective sleeve to prevent the sensor from being damaged when lowering it onto a tanker. The level switch detects when the tanker has reached its maximum loading capacity and this provides the signal for the automated silo discharge valve to close. The loading head is rubber lined to ensure a tight seal to stop dust from escaping while product is being loaded. The loading spout consists of an inner shroud for filling material and an outer shroud allowing the displaced air from being vented back into the silo, via the vent nozzle. The vent nozzle is positioned and sized to ensure dust will not settle and gradually fill with dust, thereby making the venting process ineffective.
For abrasive materials or hot materials, Bulk Technik has developed metal loading spout that has the loading head fitted to tubular sleeves. This tanker loading system can be supplied in mild steel or stainless steel.

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