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Each silo from the standard range of Bulk Technik bulk product storage silos is statically calculated for the given material bulk density/properties and geographical location. This is to ensure that the silo and its support structure is not either overloaded or over designed. For each silo our company will also provide an outline drawing of the support bases together with the loads that will prevail.
The silos are designed according to the following codes:
  • Internal material pressures: DIN 1055 Part 6
  • External wind loads: SABS 0160-1989
  • Silo and structure design: BCSA Theory and Practical Design of Bunkers, ASI Structural Design of Steel Bins for Bulk Solids and SABS 0162-1993
The standard range of bulk storage silos consist of a cylindrical mild steel silo shell, a 3 or 4 legged tubular support structure with base plates, a material inlet nozzle, a material discharge nozzle, a 125 NB nozzle for an over pressure safety flap, a 50 NB nozzle for a level transmitter, a 500 NB manhole, handrails and kick flat around the circumference of the silo roof, two lifting lugs on the side and three lifting lugs on the top.
The silos are manufactured in an all welded construction by coded welders according to our quality plans. All critical welds will undergo non destructive testing (NDT) to ensure the integrity of the silo, a certificate will be issued by an independent inspection authority.
Bulk Technik has designed and supplied many custom designed silos ranging from small hoppers to silos carrying over 1 400 t of product. Our silos can also be manufactured from 3Cr12 or stainless steel plate. Some special silo designs include:
  • sectioned silos which were shipped in containers prior to site installation
  • sectioned silos that were too large to be transported in one unit
  • silos with twin or non-circular outlets
  • silos with a cylindrical support ring, commonly used for storage of flour
  • rectangular and square silos

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