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Sampling screw feeders or also called screw samplers are an effective and cheap method of taking accurate samples from a product stream. The feeder is installed horizontally into the product stream from which the sample is to be extracted. The sampling feeder will take a cross sectional cut of the product along the centre plane of the chute. An opening in the screw sampler housing allows product to fall into the feeder which the screw flight then pushes out towards a flanged outlet, where it can be collected for further analysis.
The product samples can be taken on a continuous basis or intermittently, for the latter option the sampling feeder is initially purged and then a sample is taken over a given period. The design of the sampling screw feeder has been optimised to prevent product build-up that can result in an inaccurate and non-representative sample.
The Bulk Technik sampling feeders can be installed in round or square chutes with sizes varying from 150 to over 500 mm (other sizes on request). We supply both hand operated feeders as well as motorised versions and have developed a unit which is easily retrofitted into an existing feed chute. This feeder merely requires a flange to be welded onto the existing chute, the sampling feeder is then bolted onto this.
The standard material of construction is mild steel, however, stainless steel versions can be supplied on request. The maximum product size for our standard range of screw samplers is 6 mm.

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