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Nol-Tec Air Blending Cone

The Nol-Tec blending cone has revolutionised the mixing and blending of dry powders. The Air Mixer is designed to homogenously blend dry materials in either pressure vessels, hoppers or silos up to 200 m3 in volume. It uses compressed air pulses that gently lift materials upwards and outwards in a continuous circular motion until the mixing target is reached. Mixing of products results in a matter of a few minutes, but is dependent on the products being blended and size of mixing tank.


The standard air blending consists of a cone that is flange mounted to the hopper or vessel. It has six injection valve assemblies with a ceramic valve seat that directs air into the material at various angles. It has abrasion resistant, urethane vale seals with a non-restrictive discharge valve with position indicator. The wear parts can be replaced without removing the blending cone.


Some of the main benefits of an air blender over conventional mechanical type mixers are:

-          Quick, clean and efficient blending

-          Simple design with low maintenance

-          No mechanical paddles rotating that are in contact with the product

-          No gearbox and heating of surfaces during mixing

-          Simple cleaning of equipment reducing down time

-          Execution in FDA, USDA and ATEX


The air blending cone can mix a range of materials, from gentle mixing of spices to heavy duty mixing of metallic powders. It can also be retrofitted to conical type mixers whereby a mounting flange needs to be added to the existing mixer and the rotating screw mechanism removed.



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